The start of a new chapter


I started intensive Spanish school today – 5 hours a day – 5 days a week. Bill said the total hours are equivalent to 7.5 semesters of school.

Bill also walked me to school and took my photo – I felt like I was 5 years old again. He also picked me up for lunch and gave me permission to walk home allllll by myself!

The accent is Spain is difficult to understand – they talk with a lisp. Poco a poco.

We walked 1.2 miles (our feet still hurt) to the grande Carrefour store (similar to a Walmart with food) with the intention of taking a taxi back home with all of our treasures. The taxi stand was empty and we left our new Spanish cell phones home because we were together – who else would we call??

The man at the lottery booth instructed me to go back into the store and use the pay phone to call a taxi.

After several unsuccessful attempts I asked the security guard for help. It’s been about 19 years since I used a pay phone – in Spanish no less. I was happy to find out that the pay phone was broken and not operator error. The security guard kindly called us a taxi.

6 thoughts on “The start of a new chapter

  1. Claudia Conger

    I think that the lisp is because one of the Spanish Kings lisped and everyone had to so he wouldn’t be thought of as strange, stupid, etc.

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