Day 33 – mission accomplished


Day 33 – 12.50 miles

Tried to savor every last bit of our walk today. We started in the sprinkle of a warm autumn rain and ended with a partly sunny but cool day.

The walk into the plaza in front of the Cathedral de Santiago was uneventful.

The people who we have walked by for the past 33 days have trickled in at various times during the day so there is no receiving line or party – just a few scattered pilgrims and tour groups following a yellow or red flag.

Compostela (certificates of completion) are in hand.

Tomorrow at the noon mass we will gather with fellow Pilgrims.

It is hard to believe we walked 500 miles. I am one of those who drive around the parking lot to find a space closest to the door so I don’t have to walk. Bill on the other hand parks away from the door and jokes about people like me.

It is hard to summarize the Pilgrimage. Each person walks for their own reason, whatever that may be. I did this because it was important to Bill foremost but I also wanted to know if I was capable of the physical and mental challenge.

I love a challenge. Bill always jokes that I would trip my own kids to win a race. This race was between me, myself and I and I won!!! I feel stronger, more alive, closer to Bill (if that’s possible) and now possess a “to do” list longer than the Nile – a result of hours upon hours of time walking – reflecting and planning.























29 thoughts on “Day 33 – mission accomplished

  1. Piper Mullen

    Congratulations!!!!! You have bravely done an incredible adventure. What a wonderful accomplishment! I’m dying to find out what is on your to do list now. I guess I can say that I’m lucky enough to find out personally in just a couple of weeks. See you soon. Love you.

  2. mm9249

    Congratulations take the time to savor all this. but you can’t help wondering what is the next adventure since your to do is now longer than the Nile
    Love M&M

  3. George Palmatier


    I am reminded of a 1960’s folk song by Eric Andersen, “Thirsty Boots”

    So take off your thirsty boots
    and stay for a while,
    Your feet are hot and weary,
    from a dusty mile,
    And maybe I can make you laugh,
    maybe I can try,
    I’m just looking for the evening,
    the morning in your eye.


  4. Terry delVecchio

    OMGosh!!! BRAVO to you both!! It must be surreal. I keep telling Veronica when she starts complaining about our mealy 39.3 mile walk to think of you!!! Such an awe inspiring accomplishment!
    Wow! I’m hoping your next few days will be in a castle being pampered??

  5. Claudia Conger

    Thank you again for sharing your journey with us. If only we were 20 years younger….!
    Claudia Conger

  6. Marie

    Excellent! listen, can you hear the cow bell, it is an old brassy one with a deep tone, clank, clank clank. what a wonderful trip,What a wonderful feeling you much have, thank you for sharing it. Loved the back photos of Paige. Even Dr. Suess would be proud of you, the places you will go and the things you will see…

  7. June and John

    We are so happy for you both, and raise a glass to your completion! Bravo and we look forward to the back stories in person. Hasta luego, June and John

  8. Your cousins in Baja California Sur

    I take it back…you are not a little pip-squeak you are a colossus!
    And Memo too.

  9. flightmac

    Thank you for taking us on an amazing adventure! You are the inspiration for many of us as we make our own lists! Awesome!
    cathy and kevin

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