Day 21 – the need to be flexible

20130912-211828.jpgDay 21 – 22.36 miles!!!

It was cold, cold, cold this morning! We had to stop 15 minutes into our day to put on more clothes. Bill silently suffered in his shorts and flip flops. We were later told it was 35.5 degrees.

Within 1 hour and 45 minutes we were stripping off the layers and it ended up being a hot day – go figure.

We walked through the city of Leon. City walking is semi crappy and tough all around – from the hard road surfaces to playing “where’s Waldo” with directional signs. However, the historical city center was beautiful. The Peregrino’s guide books claim Leon has the best Cathedral but Bill and I nominate Burgos for that prize.

The town we planned to stay in had no hostels – no beds. Apparently, the sheet that we received in St. Jean listing towns and their room count was not accurate. This has been our life line since we have no guide book. For the past 20 days it has not let us down.

Soooo…. No beds equalled an additional 7 miles we had not planned on.

No problem though…. In the town with no beds we decided to be Spaniards and have their big 3 course lunch with wine at 3:15pm before heading out on our 7 mile journey.

Found a “hotel” – a real hotel – not a hostel with a private room. However it’s run by “Charlie” from Charlie’s Angels.

We buzzed the front door and a man asked what we wanted. A room of course – what else??? Got inside and a phone on the reception counter said dial 9 for servicios. Again we were asked what we wanted. A room. Charlie preceded to tell Bill in rapid fire Spanish to collect the key marked 104 from the counter – one of the 20+ keys they had on the desk and have a good night…. HA!!! No money changed hands, no names given, nada…..20130912-211901.jpg