We stopped in the port of Palermo on the northern coast – the bustling capital city of Sicily. While strolling we stumbled upon a vegetable and fish market that occupied blocks and blocks.



The fish is delivered fresh at least twice a day and the fertile volcanic ground not only grows vegetables, 4 crops of lemons and oranges a year, it also grows 2/3 of the grain for all of Italy.


One fish stand in particular was bustling – three rows deep – one after another ordering fish. The shopkeeper filled rolled conical paper sacks as fast as he could.

Later in the day we drove from Palermo to the small town of Segesta through harvested wheat fields and rolling vineyards (famous for production of Marcella wine). The deep blue sea sparkled like diamonds on the horizon and without warning – out of the ground rose a 5th century BC Doric Temple, a complete and magnificent surprise. Did we fall asleep and wake up in Greece?



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2 thoughts on “Sicily

  1. Stephanie Mehring

    BONJORNO! My grandparents were born in Palermo! MILLE GRAZIE for allowing me to see through your eyes!

    1. Bill and Paige

      You are the second person to respond who has grandparents from Palermo! My great grand father is from Sicily but we do not know where. The manifest to Ellis Island said he departed from Messina. There is a town in Sicily that has my maiden name.

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