Sorrento, Italy

Bongiorno… Italy – we do love you!

2 days ago we boarded a converted and beautifully restored ferry boat – Voyages to Antiquity – with 170 other passengers for a journey from Italy to Istanbul, Turkey. Trading in the flashy casino and show life of a cruise ship for daily lecturers/speakers who will bring the history of the cities we will visit to life.

The cruise’s first stop was Sorrento on the west coast of Italy just south of Naples. According to Greek legend it was off the coast of Sorrento that the mythical Sirens once lived. Where sailors were powerless to resist their charming and alluring songs sending their ships crashing into the shores. Now a days they are famous for their lemons and tomatoes.

It is here where we visited the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum – both engulfed by volcanic ash (Pompeii) or mud (Herculaneum), sealing and protecting buildings – enough to show us the Roman’s way of life before the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.

It is the busy summer season and people are everywhere. The beaches are lined with colorful umbrellas and the Mediterranean coast is full of sun worshippers. Apparently, they did not get the memo about skin cancer.

Espressos, wine and pizzas are plentiful!!!

Our 450 foot boat has a crew of 166 so the service is fantastico.

See you in Sicily, home to Paige’s paternal great grandfather.



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